Hello! I'm Maria Timonina

So, who am I exactly? I'm a 14 year old Traditional and Digital artist by the name of Maria. I live in russia and do web-design, play the drums, and of course, draw. My drawing skills are mostly self taught as I never went to drawing school, however I would like to go to one in the future. I currently don't have a real job as I am too young, but I am already trieng to earn money through commisions on the Internet. Aside from Web-desighn, Drawing and Drums I have quite a large amount of hobbies, I re-paint dolls and bootleg figurines, make Origami, dabble in a bit of programming, knitting, patchwork and do Arts and crafts in general. Read More


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These are the ways you can contact me for commisions or other things. The best way to contact me is to DM me through discord, but here is some other media through witch you can message me.